The core concept of all the programs is to provide support in all ways to various studies on immunotherapeutic drug development.

Program: Immunosuppressive mechanism and cell-mediated immunity:

This Program clubs together research community who are doing thesis and extensive study on basic and advanced concepts of Immunosuppressive mechanism and cell-mediated immunity. Their work also includes lipocortin-1 synthesis and binding of cell membranes to prevent PLA2s and substrate ARA contact which in return leads to lesser oxidation of carbon fatty acids. All people taking part in this program share their ideas and help each other to counter the quagmire. This program will give all newbie's get a great chance to work with all senior scientists Committee is headed by professors from colleges like Balor college of medicine, Stem Cell Research institute, who plan meetings, seminars and reviwing

Articles are submitted by students and junior scientists on concepts of cellular Immunotherapy which helps the field of cellular immunotherapy advancement